I am so proud to announce that I am finally an Accredited Video Producer. (Well I have been for 6 months now ­čÖé ).

The accreditation is part of the AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photography) which now has a video arm called the APVP (Australian Professional Video Producers). What this means for our industry is that now we “videographers” are recognized as┬átrained, skilled and educated Video Producers with an “ongoing commitment to improving the standard to the profession”.┬áVideo production will still remain an unregulated profession, and we cannot stop anyone calling themselves a “Professional Video Producer”, but only AIPP ACCREDITED professionals will be able to refer to themselves as “Accredited” and use the APVP logo. Only Accredited professionals will have a status which is recognized and validated externally, by the ACCC

So when you are looking for a Videographer for your major life changing event, always use an Accredited Professional and look for the logo!!

If you want to find out more info click on this link. Why Use An Accredited Professional.