Can I request a song?
Music is so Important to us. It highlights and accentuates the emotion and excitement of your Wedding Day. We use carefully chosen music to add to the narrative, without it being obtrusive or overwhelming. We invite you to select songs if you wish. However, the majority of the time we use Cinematic Film Score. This will be discussed in more detail during your Pre-Wedding Meeting and is completely open to discussion.
If there are any songs or artists that you simply do not want to be featured on your DVD, then please let us know.

How do you conduct yourself on my Wedding Day?
This is an important day for you! And you don’t want anyone taking away from the sanctity of your wedding. We will be on our best behavior & avoid burping, drooling, talking on our mobile phones or stuffing our pockets with cake. Well maybe not the last one…

We will capture the moments of the day big and small without being obtrusive. We are more like ninjas! We are experts at blending into the surroundings & with the guests while knowing exactly where to be for the money shots.

How will you be dressed?
Although we would love to wear our jorts (jean shorts) and sleeveless flannel shirt…we will never allow that to happen! Our shooters will arrive fresh, clean and dressed professionally.

Working with the Photographer.
We are some gooood looking people however you are not going to want a million wedding pictures with us and our equipment in the background and vice versa with the video and photographer. We get a game plan together with the photographer before the wedding to ensure we are both able to film all the fabulous moments.

We Didn’t Forget Anything.
Part of great storytelling is the ability to film key moments throughout the day. We let the day unfold for us and our spidery senses help us capture the moments that produce emotive, compelling wedding films.
Most coverage’s can last up to 12-13 hours. Of course we don’t record every second of the day. The Bride and Groom preparations are our chance to portray the build up and excitement of the main event…The Ceremony! So we will leave after the actual preparations (to be ready at the next location) unless there are some traditions that follow.
Most of the ceremony is filmed but not every last second. We would like to take advantage of different angles. This requires breaks during filming. We assure you that the most important parts of the ceremony will be filmed.
All formalities during the reception will be filmed although we do not film every song during every dance bracket. Simply when there is action we shoot, when there is an empty dance floor, we don’t. We advise our couples it isn’t necessary to film the guests at their tables. We are happy to if requested, we recommend doing this as you walk around and greet them. That way it looks more natural on screen.

Please advise us if there is anything you want filmed, especially if it’s not obvious to us. Although we are very experienced in all cultures, religions and backgrounds please leave nothing to chance.

When Should I Get Ready?
The Brides Dress is very important. It’s the Symbol of the day. There is no doubt that a bride puts a lot of time in finding her perfect dress. It’s a big deal and we want to make a big deal out of it. So we ask you not to be in your dress before we arrive. This way we can give your dress a little extra attention before you put it on. The Bridesmaids and Parents however, should be ready so they can take part in helping the bride put on her dress.

We ask the guys to be ready in their pants and shirt by the time we arrive and to have Ties, Cuff-links and Jackets ready so we can film the guys getting ready “on camera”.

Do you travel interstate or overseas?
If your wedding is outside of Melbourne or better yet in a lavish exotic destination location there are travel fees that apply. We aren’t going to book a room at the Hilton or go out for steaks every night. We just need a roof over our heads, petrol in the cars and food in our bellies. Check out your Wedding Agreement for the specific details.