a memory, is a blink of an eye that should be captured by someone who understands memories last forever

The first wedding I ever filmed was an experience I’ll never forget. My now wife encouraged me to film her friends wedding and even though I have never filmed weddings before I was excited for the challenge. My experience was mainly in film and television, having worked for channel 7 and a few odd international films that where made here in Australia, A career in Weddings Films was something I never considered. So I went out and bought all the latest gear, I studied and practiced with my camera, remembering my high school media teacher telling me your camera is an extension or your eye.

I was so nervous that I was shaking in every shot and it took several takes to get the perfect shot I wanted. I quickly got over the nerves and found myself loving each and every moment. I took in all the excitement, laughter, tears of joy and most of all the love everyone had for each other. The whole day was a whirlwind of excitement for me, I soon realized that this is what I want to do and since that day I have never looked back. That was 15 years ago but I remember all the emotion of that day like it was yesterday.

One of Life’s Most Beautiful Stories

Style and technology has most definitely changed over the years but one thing I have always held on to is the philosophy I have behind each film I create. With every wedding I film I am devoted to capturing each and every experience and emotion that unfolds before my eyes. Like that very first wedding, I allow my camera to be an extension of me, what I see and feel, I place myself in the center of it all, absorbing every emotion. Love, celebration, family connections and relationships. This is what I love about weddings.

We see a wedding film as a visual portrayal of a love between two people. It’s one of life’s most beautiful stories. A story that starts long before the vows, it often begins before the two even meet. The people you become, how you are attracted to each other, the journey you take along the way. The people involved in both your lives as your love blossoms. The point when you say ‘yes’. It’s more than just story telling. It’s an important moment that we love capturing and also portraying the journey and the reason why we are here.